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Create a Charging site

Charge Point Sites help you manage your charge points with ease and they let you use features such as load balancing and smart queue.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 8 February, 2024
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What is a Charging site?

Charging sites are groups of charge points, that share the same address. Grouping charge points in sites enables you to use the following Monta features:

  • Bulk firmware update: With Monta, you can update the firmware of multiple charge points at once, if they belong to a Charging site.
  • Load Balancing: In order to set up Load Balancing, the charge point must belong to a Charging site. You can create specific power distribution on a single site or across multiple sites.
  • SmartQueue: This feature enables EV drivers to join the virtual queue at one or multiple Charging sites. It allows drivers to get notified when the charge point becomes available for them.
  • Installer jobs: The Installer page allows you to create jobs for the installers, who are connecting your charge points. Once you add the charge points to the same Charging site, you can create a sharable link. When the installer is ready with the charge point configuration, they can test the connection to Monta.

You can see how to manage the different Charging sites settings from here.

Add a new Charging site

Charging sites are created within Teams. You can have multiple charging sites in one Team, but you cannot create a site that goes across Teams.

  1. Select Chargers from the left site menu
  2. Click on Add and select Charging site
  3. Select the Team, where the Charging site should be added
  4. Select manual setup
  5. Give a name and address to the Charging site
  6. Select if you want to add charge points to the site

Import Charging sites to Monta

You can import an entire Charging site to Monta by syncing the site information via API. We currently support only the Zaptec brand for such integrations.

  1. Select Charging sites from the left site menu
  2. Click on Add new and select the Team
  3. Select Advances setup
  4. Click on Zaptec
  5. Login with your Zaptec Cloud credentials
  6. Select the site and the charge points will by synced to Monta

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