Administering Custom Subscription Plan in the Monta Portal

This article explains how to manage an active custom subscription plan in the Monta Portal.
Written by Rūta Dražbaitė
Last updated: 11 April, 2023

1. Access the plan

Once you have an active and running custom subscription plan you can see the plan summary by clicking on "View".

Click on View subscription plan

2. Plan summary

Here you can find some statistics related to the plan, such as the number of active and pending subscriptions. You can also see the monthly revenue of the plan.

See plan summary, plan statistics

3. Transactions

You can see all the transactions related to the subscription by clicking on "Transactions".

Click on Transactions

Here you can export all the transactions by clicking on "Export".  You can also add the dates if you need transactions for  specific period of time.

Add dates and Export transactions

4. Subscriptions

By clicking on "Subscriptions", you can see the history of all the subscriptions related to the plan.

Click on subscriptions

You can see all the subscriptions. You can also choose to see only the ones that are pending, active, cancelled or in cancelling.

All the subsciptions, pending, active

All pending subscriptions are requests for new subscriptions, which have to be approved by your party before the user starts using and paying for your services. You can also choose to have custom subscriptions to be activated automatically when subscribed.

5. Approving custom subscriptions

In order to approve pending custom subscription, go to the plan summary and click on pending subscriptions.


Here you will see all the subscriptions awaiting your approval. Go ahead and click on "View".

click on view

Here you will see all the information related to this specific plan,  such as plan ID, user name, etc. In order to approve custom subscription click on "Approve now".

Click on Approve Now

In order to approve the subscription you will need to state the first subscription charge date and upload agreement with the end user in PDF (you can also have agreement outside Monta). Once you have done so, go ahead and click on "Approve".

Add puchase date and approve subscription

Note - Recommendation is to have enabled an automatic approval for custom subscriptions, in this way you will not need to approve it. This can be set when creating custom subscriptions and stating that subscription does not require the approval, here is an article about it.

6. Cancelling custom subscription

In order to cancel a subscription go to subscriptions, find the subscription you want to cancel and click on "View".

Click on view active subscription

Here in the in subscription management section click on "Cancel".

Click on cancel

Go ahead and click on "Confirm".

Click on Confirm to cancel

7. Change the price and the mark up for individual subscription

You can change the price and custom fee for individual subscriptions. In order to do so, find the subscription you want to adjust and click on "View".

Click on view active subscription

In subscription management section click on "Edit".

Click on Edit

In the subscription information you will be able to apply the discount for that specific plan user. This discount will be applied to the monthly price of the subscription. You can discount the amount by either applying a Discount Absolute (X amount) or a Discount Percentage (X% to be applied to the monthly subscription price). Once added click on "Save".

Add discount and save

8. Edit the Plan

You can always edit the plan information by clicking on "Edit". This is where you would update the terms of the plan, etc. It would be updating the same fields you have filled in when setting up the plan, you can read more about it here.

Click on Edit


Once you make any changes to the already active custom subscription, a Monta Customer Onboarding Specialist will have to review it and approve the changes.

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