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Manage a Custom Subscription plan

Learn how to export transactions and subscriber lists, approve or cancel subscriptions, we well as how to update a Custom Subscription plan.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 1 March, 2024
In this guide

In this guide you will learn everything you need to know about managing an active Custom Subscription plan. If you need help creating a new Custom Subscription plan, you can learn more about that here.

Please note that Custom Subscriptions can only be viewed and managed by Operator users with Admin or Managed user permissions.

Access the plan

  1. Open the left-side menu and select Subscriptions
  2. Click on View to open the plan
  3. Plan panels
    • Active subscriptions – number of active subscriptions
    • Pending subscriptions – subscriptions that are awaiting approval
    • Revenue monthly – how much you are earning per month with number of active subsiptions
  4. Action buttons
    • Transactions – filter, find and export transactions related to the plan
    • Subscriptions – filter, find and export subscriptions
    • Edit – update the Custom Subscription plan

View and export plan transactions

From the Transactions action button on your plan you can view and export only the transactions that are related to the specific Custom Subscription plan.

View plan transactions

  1. Click on Transactions
  2. Click on the transaction to view and open it
    • You can see details, such as the type of transaction, date, VAT rate, etc.
  3. Click on Download receipt to get the receipt

Export plan transactions

You can export transactions related to the plan and receive a detailed CSV file.

  1. Click on Transactions
  2. Search by name to find a transaction
  3. Filter the transactions for a specific period of time
  4. Click on Export to receive a CSV file on your email

Export subscribers

In this section you will learn how to export your subscriptions. Here is a guide on how to manage an individual Custom Subscription.

You can export all your subscribers, which will give you all subscriptions, their state (active, cancelled, etc.), the customer information (phone number, email) and type of charge point.

  1. Click on Subscriptions
  2. Click on Export
  3. A CSV file is sent to your email.
Type of informationFields
Subscription detailsSubscription id
State of subscription
Next purchase date
Active at – When the subscription was activated
Total amount – What the customer pays with applied discounts
Discount – the applied discount on the individual subscription
Purchases – Number of subscription purchases
Customer detailsFor – customer name
Email – the email of the Team (where the charge point belongs)
Team Owner Name
Team Owner Email
– Team Owner Phone
Charge point details – Charge point model
– Charge point brand
– Charge point address
Contents of subscriber export CSV

Edit and update plan

You are able to edit the Custom Subscription plan as you go. Please note that:

  • All plan updates will be sent for approval from a Monta Customer Success Manager
  • If you want to apply the plan changes to all subscribers, you must select that in the edit tool.
  • If you have name a suggestion for an update, which has not been processed yet, you will see this on top of the edit tool. Please wait for the suggestion to be approved first or contact your Customer Success Manager before making another change.

Edit Custom Subscription plan

  1. Click on Edit
    • See if you have update suggestions that have not been processed yet
  2. Make the desired changes directly in the field
  3. Apply to all existing subscriptions
    • Yes = Changes will apply to existing (old) and new subscribers
    • No = Changes will apply only to new subscribers
  4. Click on Save changes
  5. Await approval of the suggestion.

Schedule a update to the plan

You can also schedule a change to happen at a future date. Please note that:

  • You can only select future dates to schedule the update.
  • The suggested update requires an approval from Monta Customer Success Team.
  • When the suggestion is approved, the task gets scheduled and the update will take place on the selected date.
  1. Click on Edit
  2. Make the desired changes
  3. Go to the Scheduling section of the page
  4. Select the desired date, when the update should happen (only future dates)
  5. Apply to all existing subscriptions
    • Yes = Changes will apply to existing (old) and new subscribers
    • No = Changes will apply only to new subscribers
  6. Click on Save changes
  7. Suggestion is sent fr approval
    • When the suggestion is approved, the task gets scheduled and the update will take place on the selected date.

Frequently asked questions

Can I apply more than 1 subscription on a charge point?

Yes, you can do that.

You need to have one Subscription Plan that applies per charge point and another Subscription Plan that applies on a Team level.

  1. Apply the Team Subscription Plan on the Team, which will automatically count all active charge points in the Team and bill the Team for them at once.
  2. Open a specific charge point in the Team and apply a Subscription Plan per charge point.


I made a Subscription Plan update. Why is it not updated?

All Subscription Plan updates need to be approved by a Customer Success Manager, before they are applied. You can see if you have a pending change in Monta Hub.

Open the Subscription Plan and click on “Edit”. On top of the page you will be able to see a banner, that states “Suggestion [NUMBER] in progress from [date]”.

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