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Create an Installer job

Learn how to create an installer job in the Monta portal.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 8 February, 2024
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What is an Installer job?

The Installer job is an easy way to connect multiple charge points at once to your Monta account. You can share this job with your installers, and in that way, they can connect your charge points, while they are on the site. Installers do not need to have access to your Monta account and do not need to have their own Monta account!

Here is the process to create and share an Installer job:

  1. Add your charge points to your Monta account, as part of the same Charging site
  2. Create an Installer job and fill in as much information as you can
  3. Share the Public installer link with your installer, along with this guide on how to use it

Create a new Installer job

After you have added the charge points to the Charging site, then you are ready to create the Installer job.

  1. Click on Chargers on the left side menu
  2. Select the Charging sites toggle and find the Charging site
  3. Open the site and click on + Installer job
  4. Select the Charging site and write a note for the installer
  5. Click on Save and view the Installer job page
  6. Input the information you have (serial number or note per charge point) and share the Public link

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