Manage your Fleet on Monta Portal

The fleet feature is a way for companies to manage their car fleet directly from the Monta Portal.
Last updated: 10 July, 2022
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The fleet feature enables your company to receive information about your EV fleet, such as real time battery status, charging status and the location of the vehicle.

The fleet feature makes it possible for companies to assign charge keys to specific cars in order to track consumption. By entering the license plate for each vehicle, you can track the charge session history for each vehicle.

In order to use our fleet feature, you need to connect to the vendor account (e.g. Mercedes, Ford, Opel, Tesla, etc.) and connect the added vehicle to the Team. Here is a step by step guide explaining how to do so.

Please note: The fleet feature is only available for teams on the enterprise and business plan.

1. Go to the Team

In the Monta portal, select the "Teams" section on the left and then pick the team to which you would like to add the fleet.

Fleet feature 1

2. Go to the Fleet section

In order to add cars to your Fleet, go to the "Fleet" section.

Fleet feature 2

3. Vehicle integration

In the first step you will need to integrate your vehicle in order to receive relevant information. Click on the three dots next to "Vehicle integration" and the click "Connect" to start the integration.

Fleet feature 3

4. Connect with Enode

Now you will be forwarded to an info page, where you will see the general information about Enode. Go ahead and click on "Continue" to connect your car.

Fleet feature 4

5. Select Car Brand

Click on the brand of the car that you wish to integrate to your fleet.

Please note: In this example we are using BMW.

Fleet feature 5

6. Fill In Account Details

Enter the details of your car account to log in. After filling in your Email and Password click on "Log In" to go on.

Fleet feature 6

7. Enter Code

Please confirm the login with the 6-digit code generated by your authenticator app. Go ahead and click on "Continue".

Fleet feature 7

8. Find Linked Cars

Now you can see the connected cars to your car account. Please double check the list and click on "Continue" afterwards.

Fleet feature 8

9. Give Permission

By clicking "Allow" you give permission to your account information.

Fleet feature 9

10. Connection Successful

Lastly, finish connecting your car by clicking on "Complete". Afterwards you will be forwarded to the Monta Portal.

Fleet feature 10

After finishing the vehicle integration, you can find a list of integrated brands on the right side. In the next step you have to add a new car to your fleet. Please go to this guide for details on how to add a car to your fleet.

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