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Manage your EV fleet

Learn how to add and integrate your vehicles, share access with Team Members, assign a charge key and see a live vehicle dashboard.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 29 February, 2024
In this guide

Fleet enables your company to receive information about your EV fleet, such as real time battery status, charging status and the location of the vehicle. The feature is only available for Monta accounts with Business or Enterprise plan.

If you are new to Monta, we recommend checking out these get started guides for Fleet depot or Fleet on the go. There, you can see how to create your entire setup, so your EV drivers are ready to charge.

Add a vehicle to your Team

Before you can integrate a car and receive information about the location, battery status and more, you first need to register it in the Team’s Fleet section.

  1. In the Team, open the Fleet tab
  2. Click on + Add new vehicle
  3. Select the brand and model
  4. Fill in the vehicle information
  5. Click on Finish

Integrate a vehicle

Vehicle integration is possible due to Monta’s collaboration with Enode. To see all vehicles that can be integrated, please check here.

  1. In the Team, open the Fleet tab
  2. Click on the action button in Vehicle integration and select Connect
  3. Select the brand of your vehicle
  4. Sign in with your account credentials to the vehicle cloud
  5. Enter the 6 digit code you have received
  6. Select the correct vehicle from the listed available options in your account
  7. Carefully read through the permissions list and click Agree
  8. Click on Complete and see your integration

Share vehicle with Team Member

Sharing a vehicle with a Member of your Team will share the vehicle information with their personal Monta account. If you have just added the car, they will be able to select it when they are about to charge. If you have also integrated the car, the Team Member will be able to see the battery status and more from the Monta app.

  1. In the Team, open the Fleet tab
  2. Click on the vehicle’s action button and select Vehicle settings
  3. Select the Users section and click on Add new
  4. Select a user from the list of Team Members
  5. Click on Add

Assign a charge key to your vehicle

You can assign a charge key to a specific vehicle, in order to track consumption.

  1. In the Team, select the Team Wallet tab
  2. Select the Charge keys section
  3. Click on the charge key’s action button and select Charge key details
  4. Select the vehicle and click Update charge key

See your vehicle dashboard

You can see which vehicles are charging from a single glance in your Team.

  1. In the Team, select the Overview tab
  2. Click on Team overview and select Vehicle tiles
  3. See your vehicles

Export the fleet’s information

Here is how you can export the general information about the vehicles you have added to your Team’s Fleet.

  1. In the Team, select the Fleet tab
  2. Click on the actions dots and select Export
  3. You will receive an email with a csv file
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