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Add and edit charge keys

Pair a charge key and configure the access to paying for charging and ownership.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 12 February, 2024
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What are charge keys?

Charge keys are used to start a charge and create a payment method for a charging session. A charge key is the connected to a Team Wallet, which is used for paying the charging sessions.

Charge keys can be assigned to a Team Member. If you do this, you will be able to see who has used the charge key and their name will appear in the transaction exports.

Please note that if your Team is frozen, due to a negative Wallet balance or unpaid invoices, you will not be able to start charging. If the charge key is assigned to a Team Member and they try to charge, while the Team Wallet is frozen, they will pay for the charge with their Personal Monta Wallet.

Add a charge key in Monta Portal

  1. Open the Team, where you want to add the charge key
  2. Click on Payment and select Charge keys
  3. Select +Pair charge key
  4. Fill in the charge key information
    • See table bellow for explanation of the different fields
FieldWhat is this field?Comments
Key nameName of the charge key. This will appear in transaction exports
IdentifierSerial number of charge key. It must be 8,14,16 or 20 characters.
VehicleSelect a car you want to attach to the charge key.
OwnershipAttach the charge key to a specific Team member. If the charge key has an owner, their name will appear in a transaction export.
Charge profileSelect if you want to attach a charging profile. You can read more about charging profiles here.
Active toSet a date, if you want the charge key to become inactive at some point.
Monta networkToggle on if you want the charge key to be used for charging on all charge points on the Monta network.
Roaming networkToggle on if you want the charge key to be used for charging on Roaming charge points.

Edit charge keys

To edit charge keys, just click on the charge key to edit a field.

  1. Click on the charge key to open it
  2. See general information, such as day it was added and updated
  3. Edit the General information
  4. Edit the Accessibility settings
  5. Remember to click Save

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