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Operator organization structures

Learn about different Operator account types, access levels and information shared between the accounts.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 19 April, 2024
In this guide

This guide explains the Operator organization structures in Monta, describing the access levels and information shared between accounts.

Every organization that enters a partnership with Monta creates an Operator account, which is the Main account of the organization. If the organization is running a big operation with multiple locations, different types of customers, and other complexities, they can create Sub-accounts. 

An organization will always have only one Main account, but can have multiple/as many Sub-accounts, as they need.

Main account

The Main account is the Operator account which manages the entire organization. The Main account consolidates everything that’s happening in the Sub-accounts and functions as the overall control center for the organization. 

In the list of accounts, you can recognize the Main account by the crown symbol. 

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  • Only Operator users in the Main account can access the Main account
  • The Main account has access to all of the Sub-accounts’ Teams, charge points, Charging sites, Installer jobs, Reports and Dashboards. 
  • Main account Operator users have the same access rights in the Sub-accounts. For example, a Supporter in the Main account will also be a Supporter in the Sub-accounts


A Sub-account is an Operator account in the same organization. In the list of accounts, Sub-accounts show to which organization they belong. 

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  • Sub-accounts can only access their own Teams, charge points, Charging sites, etc.
  • Sub-accounts have access to Plans and Themes created by the Main account.

Switch between Operator accounts

You will be able to switch between accounts, which you can access. 

  1. Select the Operator name on the left-side menu
  2. Click on -> Switch Account
  3. Select between Organizations or Operators view
    • On top of the page, you will see how many accounts you can access
    • Accounts with a crown symbol are Main accounts
  4. Click on Go to account to access the Operator
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