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Operator user roles and permissions

Learn how to assign the correct role to the different Operator members that are working on your account.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 29 February, 2024
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When you have a Business or Enterprise account in Monta, you are able to provide different types of access to your financial and other teams, by assigning them a specific role in your Monta account. 

These roles have limited permissions for actions in Monta Hub. The goal is to enable different people in your organization to perform reviewing of transactions, financial reporting and bookkeeping. 

The current guide provides an overview of the different roles available in Monta Hub. If you want to learn how to practically assign or edit a role, you can click here

Operator level roles

These are roles available for Operator accounts. You can access the roles by navigating to your Operator account page and selecting the “Members & Access” tab. 

RoleAdministratorManagerBookkeeper Supporter 
Who is this?
The user has access to all the Teams under the Operator account and has all the actions available in all the areas they have access to. Similar to the Administrator role, the Manager can also access all Teams under the Operator account. There are some actions that are restricted in comparison to the Administrator. This role only has access to reviewing transactions, financial reporting and other bookkeeping tasks on an Operator level and Team. The role is dedicated to the support team in charge of answering users’ questions and troubleshooting issues with charge points.
Recommended for: A person, who you want to give full administrative access to your account and your clients’ Teams. A person who will manage your Operator account, but has restricted permissions to Teams. A person who needs to track financial transactions and charges, but has no access to any other part of the Monta system.Support Team members who will do tech and other support.

The following tables represent how much the different Operator users can access and manage.

Primary navigation

This is the Operator Primary navigation in Monta Hub. This is accessible only to the Operator users and can be found in the left side bar menu.

primary navigation monta portal
Product areaAdminManagerBookkeeperSupporter
Operator page
(✅ for Partner user)
Promotion codes
Charge points
Installer jobs
Lead Generator


Product areaAdminManagerBookkeeperSupporter
See charge details
See transaction details
Export charge sessions
View and browse charge sessions

Teams list

Product areaAdminManagerBookkeeperSupporter
View all Teams list
Search / Filter Teams info
Access a specific Team
Export Team info
Create a Team
Delete a Team

Site details page

Product areaAdminManagerBookkeeperSupporter
Create Installer job
Site actions: Add charge point
Site actions: Installer job
Site actions: Transfer to another Team
Site actions: Import charge points
Delete charge points
Set up Load Balancing
Edit Charge site functionalities


Product areaAdminManagerBookkeeperSupporter
Delete reports
Edit reports settings
Assign reports
Browse through reports

Charge point details page

This is the individual charge point page in Monta Hub. It can be accessed when you click on any charge point.

charge point actions monta portal
Product areaAdminManagerBookkeeperSupporter
Edit Reservations settings
Edit Roaming settings
Add / Delete charge point
View logs / Access readings
Navigate to installer job
Access Deeplink
View subscription details
Apply a subscription
Transfer to Team
Configure charge point
Set integration
View all charge points table
Export charge points
Set active/ inactive

Operator members access to Teams

Each Team under the Operator can be accessed by the Operator members. However, each member has different access to the separate Team tabs. Bellow are tables specifying the access to the different Team tabs for each Operator member.

Team tabs Monta Portal

Team overview

Product areaAdminManagerBookkeeperSupporter
See charge details
See transaction details
View and navigate to charge points
Export charge sessions
View and navigate reports
View and browse charge sessions

Team charge points

Product areaAdminManagerBookkeeperSupporter
Edit Reservations settings
Edit Roaming settings
Add / Delete charge point
Create a Price Group
Apply firmware update
Bulk edit accessibility
Bulk reboot charge points
Bulk edit price settings
Go to charge point details page
Set active / inactive
Transfer to user
View charge points
Connect charge point

Team Members

Product areaAdminManagerBookkeeperSupporter
Add new Team Members
View/Update Member settings
Transfer Ownership
Delete Team Members
View Team Members
Invite Team Members
View Team charges

Team Wallet

Product areaAdminManagerBookkeeper Supporter
Add / Edit Team bank account
Pair/ View/ Delete charge keys
Add / Delete Payment terminal
Browse / Export / Refund Transactions
Download receipts
Enable invoicing
Deposit funds in Team Wallet
Withdraw funds from Team Wallet
View access Team Wallet
See transaction details

Team Price Groups

Product areaAdminManagerBookkeeperSupporter
Add / Edit / Delete additional fees
Set Price Group as default
Create / Delete Price Groups
Edit / Apply Price Group
Access / View Team Price Groups

Team settings

Product areaAdminManagerBookkeeperSupporter
Add / Edit bank account
Delete bank account
Edit Team settings
View / Access Team settings
Set bank account as default

Other Features

Product areaAdminManagerBookkeeperSupporter
Partner API
Operator Billing & Support
Access to Operator Page
Charge profiles
Team Fleet
Team Schedules

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