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Manage your Operator account

Learn how to fill in all the relevant information for your Operator Profile, as well as how to manage the settings of your account.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 19 April, 2024
In this guide

When you are a Charge Point Operator (CPO), you have an Operator level account, which you can manage from Monta Hub. In this guide are described the different sections of the account tab and how you can manage them.

Access your Operator settings

From the account settings you can see the general information of your account, update your company information and add a bank account.

Select the Operator Overview from the left-side menu and click on Settings.

Fill out your Operator company information

In this section you can fill out the company information of the Operator. This information must be up to date as it is used for invoicing your Operator.

There you can fill in your company name, VAT number, contact email, finance email, address, EAN number (optional) and PO number (optional)

  1. Access your Operator Account Settings
  2. Fill on your company details
  3. Update your email address for updates and invoice information
  4. Fill in your financial information

Add an Operator bank account

Your monthly Operator income will be automatically transferred after an invoice is issued.

  1. Select the Payment & billing section from the left side menu
  2. Click to open the Bank account tab
  3. Click to Add new and fill in the fields
    • Please note that we only accept IBAN format for bank accounts,

Invite Operator Members

You are able to assign different roles to users who need to have access to your Operator account and your clients. In this guide we describe how to assign a specific role to a user.

Here is a detailed guide on the different permissions the different roles have in the Monta Hub.

  1. Click on the Members
  2. Click on Invite
  3. Insert the phone number or email of the user
    • Make sure that the contact you using is associated to the Monta account of the user
  4. Select the role of the user
    • Use the drop-down to select the correct role. Underneath you will see a short description
  5. Click on Invite

Edit an Operator Member’s permissions

You can edit the permissions of your Operator Members from the settings of the Member.

  1. Open the Members section
  2. Click on the Member to open their settings
  3. Select which role they need to have
  4. To remove access, you can select a date, when they no longer have this role in your account

Billing & Support

In this section, you can see how many charge points you are paying for and what Support and Success services are included in your Monta agreement.

  1. Click on the Billing & Support tab
  2. Billing section
    • Here you can see how much you are paying for the amount of charge points you have
    • You can also see your invoices by clicking on the Invoices button
  3. Support settings
    • Here you can see what kind of support you have available.
  4. Installer settings
    • In this section you can input the information of your installer.
  5. Remember to click Save


You can create themes, which (1) apply on your charge points when users open them in Monta Charge, (2)you can apply Teams under your Operator and (3) can apply when users are searching for a charging receipt for a charge point under your Operator.

  1. Open your Operator page and navigate to the Themes tab
  2. Click on + New
  3. Fill in details, such as colors for Charge and Hub, as well as your and your logo
  4. Click on Save


In this tab of the Operator page, you can set the credentials for different services you can use within Monta. These can include: Payment terminals, 3rd party meter publishing platforms, etc.

Here is how you can set up credentials:

  1. Navigate to your Operator page on the side menu
  2. Click Credentials
  3. Click on New
  4. Select the platform for which you want to create credentials


In this tab, you can see all Dashboards that are available to you as an Operator. If you want to learn more about the different types of Operator Dashboards, and how to read them, click here.

From the menu on the current page, you can manage the access settings of the Dashboards.

  1. Open your Operator Account and click on Dashboards
  2. Select a Dashboard and click on Edit
  3. Edit Visibility from the drop-down menu
    • Private = Access via Monta Hub only
    • Public = Creates a link that can be shared with external parties. This link only gives view access to the specific Dashboard.
    • Username & Password = Creates a public link to the Dashboard, which can be accessed with a username & password, which you can set on the screen.
  4. Edit Expire at date
    • This is the date, on which the public link will expire and no longer be available
  5. Click on Save
  6. View Public link
    • You can click to view the Public link and copy it to share with external parties.

Switch between Operator accounts

You will be able to switch between accounts, which you can access. You can read more about Operator organization structures here.

  1. Select the Operator name on the left-side menu
  2. Click on -> Switch Account
  3. Select between Organizations or Operators view
    • On top of the page, you will see how many accounts you can access
    • Accounts with a crown symbol are Main accounts
  4. Click on Go to account to access the Operator
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