Payment terminal integration in the Monta Portal

This guide explains how to add payment terminal in the Monta Portal. It guides which kind if terminal you need in order to be able to add to your site as one of the payment methods to the end users.
Written by Rūta Dražbaitė
Last updated: 21 March, 2023

We have some great new for you! Now you can use credit card payment terminals as a payment solution at Monta! We support Payter terminals as payment methods for end users.

1. Order Payter payment terminal

Once you have added the charge points to Monta Portal, create price groups, added members, etc. the next step would be to order and add the payment terminal to the site.  

You can order Payter payment terminal from the Monta Shop

When you will receive the payment terminal it will need to be activated in Monta Portal. Expected delivery time is about 5 to 7 business days. 

2. Active payment terminal

Once your receive the payment terminal it will need activation on the Payter website. To activate the payment terminal in Payter use this online registration form and enter the information below -

Distributor/Supplier: Monta

Terminal mode: Cloud 

Terminal reference name: Pick a name fitting

Terminal domain: Customer name for example "My operator"

Trading company name: *enter the correct name, according to the currency you need - see table*

Merchant ID (MID): *enter the correct number, according to the currency you need - see table*

Bank: Elavot

You can state a different Trading company name or a Merchant ID (currency). Currently, we support DKK and GBP as currencies. Please note that the currency in the Team and the currency you set on Payter should match. 

CurrencyMerchant ID (MID)Trading company name
DKK2101867301MONTA APS
GBP2101898190MONTA GBP
EUR2101901567MONTA APS

You will be requested to pay the activation fee and will have to pay monthly fees to Payter. Monta will pay the transaction fees (just like on credit cards). Monta will still charge the normal transaction fee agreed. 

Please keep in mind that it can take up to 10 days to get your payment terminal activated by Payter once the form is submitted. 

3. Set up payment terminal in the Monta Portal 

Open Monta Portal 

Open Monta Portal

Go to the team you want to set up the payment terminal 

Select the team

Go to the Team wallet

Select Team Wallet

Click on "Wallet actions"

Click on Wallet actions

Click on "Add payment terminal"

Click on add payment terminal

Select Payter payment terminal

Click on Payter

Enter serial number

enter your payter serial number

Voila, now your payment terminal is connected to Monta and can be managed from the Portal!

Tips & Tricks

You can always access the payment terminal settings by clicking on see details.

Apply the payment terminal to the charge points you want it to be applicable for as payment method. You can use one payment terminal for all the charge points on the site.

You are ready to go, users can now pay with the Payter payment terminal and the revenue flow will go through Monta!

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