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Set up a Bilateral Agreement

Learn how to offer discounted price for roaming charges or exclusive rights to share charge points with specific eMobility Providers.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 19 April, 2024
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Bilateral agreements are offers from Charge Point Operators to EMPs (eMobility Providers). This allows Operators to select specific EMPs and customize the conditions for sharing their charge points on selected platforms.

An Operator in Monta can offer a discounted price for charging or exclusive rights to share specific charge points only on the chosen eMobility Provider’s network.

Please note that this feature is only available for Operator accounts with a Business or Enterprise Monta Plan. The feature can only be accessed via Monta Hub, and not Portal (old version). 

Set up

1. Enable the Bilateral agreement feature

Bilateral agreements can be enabled only for specific Operator accounts with a Business or Enterprise Monta plan. Please consult with your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager in Monta, in order to see if your Operator account can have this feature enabled. 

2. Make sure that the charge points are connected to Monta

Bilateral agreements are based on sharing charge points in a specific Team. Therefore, you need to make sure that the charge points you want to share are added and connected to Monta.  

3. Enable Roaming on a Team

Once you’ve connected the charge points to Monta, you need to enable Roaming on them.

We recommend creating a specific Roaming Price Group, which will apply only on the charges, performed via a Roaming platform. 

Creating a Bilateral Agreement

Bilateral agreements are created in the Monta Hub. Here is an example of the process. Below you can find an explanation of the steps.

1. Select the agreement type

Currently, there are 2 types of agreements:

Type of agreementExplanation Example
Discount in roamingThe Operator can offer a discounted price for charging to one or more selected EMPs. The discount is set in percentage, to a maximum of 50%.Roaming Price Group: 0.50 EUR / kWh. Discount in bilateral agreement: 5% EMP pays the Operator: 0.475 EUR / kWh
Exclusive roamingThe Operator is providing exclusive rights to specific EMPs to display the charge points on their platform. 

2. Fill in the agreement settings

  • Give a name the agreement
  • Select a period of time for the agreement 
  • Specify the discount percentage

3. Select the charge points by Team

You can select which charge points to share with the EMP by selecting the Team. 

Please make sure that the charge points have Roaming enabled, so they can be shared. The agreement will apply to all charge points in the Team that have Roaming enabled.

4. Select the eMobility Provider(s)

You can select one or more EMPs from the available in the list.

If you cannot find a specific EMP you are looking for, you can find a link to a form to request Monta to integrate with your preferred EMP. In the form you need to enter your email, the name of the eMobility Service Provider and their contact information (if you have that).

5. Review and confirm

Carefully review the agreement you have created and confirm. 

How does it work

Now you have an agreement with one or more EMPs. The changes from the agreement will be applied the following day, after creating the agreement. 

Discounted in roaming agreements

For these types of agreements, you are offering the charge point at a discounted rate to the specific EMP.

Please note that the EMP is able to display a different price to their EV driver network. eMobility Providers are fully committed to setting up pricing in a transparent manner for its users (EV drivers) on their own app. You are going to receive the price per kWh that you have set for the charge point, minus the discount you have applied for the specific EMP.

Exclusive Roaming

EV drivers will only be able to find your charge points on Monta and the specific EMP you have created an agreement with.

Please note that this will apply only to the specific Teams you have selected when creating the agreement. All other charge points with activated Roaming will be shared with all EMPs that have an agreement with Monta, including Google Maps and Apple Maps.

If you want to create an exclusive agreement with an EMP, but include Google Maps and Apple Maps, make sure to also select Eco Movement from the list of eMobility Service Providers in the Monta Hub.


You can edit or delete the agreements you have created in the Monta Hub. 

You cannot create multiple discounts for the same charge points with the same EMP. 

You cannot set a discount bigger than 50% of the Roaming Price Group. 

When you add new charge points to the Teams you have included in the agreements, they will automatically be part of the same arrangement – either discounted Roaming price or exclusive Roaming access to specific EMPs. 

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