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Set up Operator Transaction as payment method

Learn what is an Operator transaction and the requirements for set it ip as a Team payment method.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 29 February, 2024
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Operator transaction is a payment method for Teams, where the Operator takes on all transactions of the Team. This allows the Team to go into negative balance, without enabling invoicing. 

Payments come in and out of the Team throughout the entire month. At the end of the month, before the Operator invoice is generated, the balance is settled with a transaction between the Operator and the Team.

Who can use an Operator transaction?

Operator transactions can be enabled only on Private or Professional Teams. 

This payment method is a suitable solution for any Operator who wants to enable their customers (Teams) to go into negative balance, (i.e. charge via Monta), but be able to settle their billing outside of the Monta Wallet system. 

 Example setups include:

  • Utilities, who want to invoice their customers via their electricity bill
  • Housing association companies, who want to invoice their members via their rent 
  • Fleet companies, who want to invoice their customers via a total leasing contract 


  • Operator account in Monta
  • A Private or Professional Team created under the Operator
  • Operator user enables “Operator transaction” as a payment method for Team

Set up

Operator transactions can only be set up as a payment method by an Operator user with Admin or Manager rights. Teams cannot enable this by themselves. 

There are two ways in which an Operator transaction can be enabled on a Team. 

Enable Operator transaction from the Team Wallet

The Operator can go into the Team Wallet of their customer and enable Operator transaction from the Wallet actions. 

This requires an Operator Manage or Administrator to enable the payment method on each Team, individually.

② Create a Team settings template 

If the Operator wants to offer this payment method to multiple customers (Teams), then we recommend creating a Team settings template.

The template consists of a set of permissions, which manage the available actions to the Team Owners and Admins. There, the Operator can also specify what payment method the Team will use. 

Operators can create a Team settings template, which includes Operator transaction as a payment method. After this, the Operator can apply the template in the Team settings. 

How does it work?

A Team that has Operator transaction as a payment method is able to receive payments and have expenses from their Team Wallet. They can go to a negative Wallet throughout the month. The Team cannot deposit or withdraw funds from the Team Wallet.

On the last day of the month, the Monta system checks the Wallet balance of the Team and creates a transaction, which will balance the Team Wallet. 

If the Team’s Wallet Balance is positive, the funds are transferred to the Operator of the Team. The transaction is called “Wallet balanced by transaction to operator”.

If the Team’s Wallet Balance is negative, a transaction is created from the Operator to the Team, which will cover the minus. The transaction is called “Wallet balanced by transaction from operator”.

At the end of the month, the Team Wallet goes to 0. No invoice is generated for the Team. Instead, the Operator will be able to see the transaction in their Operator invoice for the month. The Team will be able to see it in their Wallet transactions. 


① Responsibility

This setup requires the Operator to take on all transactions of the Team. This means that the Operator takes responsibility for the expenses of their customers (Teams) and for paying their Operator invoices. 

Therefore, Operators must carefully consider before enabling the Operator transaction payment method, as they are responsible for handling the billing of their customers.

② Operator billing

Every month the Operator will either receive revenue generated by the Team or settle the Team Wallet Balance with their Operator Balance. The Operator will be able to see these transactions in the “Transactions” section of the Monta Portal. 

They can export all invoice related transactions from the Monta Portal. 

③ Team billing

The Team is not issued an invoice. In the Team Wallet, there will be a transaction  The Team or the Operator can export the Team transactions from the Team Wallet. 

The Team can see the transaction in their Monta Wallet and they can download the receipt or export it as a csv file. 

Billing of the Team must be handled by the Operator outside of the Monta system. 

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