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Operator Team Settings

Learn how to create a pre-defined set of settings for different types of Teams.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 29 February, 2024
In this guide

Operator Team settings allow Operator users to create a template and to apply to different types of Team. Instead of going into each Team or Team Admin settings, this is an easy way to define a set of permissions in bulk.

Important to note

Operator Team settings can only be created, changed and applied by Operator users with Administrator and Manager user rights.

When a Team settings template is applied on a Team, it overrules the Team user roles and permissions.

Example: a Team Member is given Admin rights, with the ability to modify charge points. Then, an Operator users applies a Team settings template, where Modify charge points is set to No. The Team admin can no longer modify the charge points in the Team.

Create a Team settings template

All fields of the Team settings template are explained in the table bellow.

  1. Navigate to your Operator profile
  2. Select the Team settings tab and click on + New
  3. Give a name to the template
  4. Select if template is default for a type of Team (see table bellow)
  5. Select PowerBank and Wallet permissions
  6. Select Team Member permissions
  7. Click on Create
NameGive a name to the template
Use defaultSelect if you want to use this template as the default settings for types of Teams: All, Private, Professional, OperatorIf you select to use the template as default for a type of Team, all Teams of that type will have these settings. Example: All Private Teams will not be able to Withdraw funds from the Team.

If you don’t make the template default, you can apply per Team (see step bellow)
Payment methodSelect how the Team will cover their expenses:

Source = refill Wallet when it goes into minus

Invoice = The Team will request to enable Monta invoicing

Operator transaction = Operator takes on the transactions of the Team
This field only appears if you select to make the template the default settings for Professional or Private Teams.
PowerBank operator revenue percentageDefine what percentage of PowerBank credits will be be shared with the Operator.PowerBank is a Monta service that can be enabled on the charge points in the Team.
Countries where payment of charging with Team Wallet is supportedSelect if you want to limit where the Team Wallet can be used to pay for charging.

All = Wallet can be used anywhere

Specific country/ ies = Wallet can only be used for charging in that country / ies.
Example: If you select “Denmark”, then Team Members will only be able to use this Team Wallet to start charges on charge points in Denmark.

If they are in Germany, they will not be able to select the Team Wallet to pay for a charge, even if they have the right to pay with the Wallet.
DepositAbility to deposit funds in the Team Wallet.
WithdrawAbility to Withdraw funds from the Team Wallet.
Modify TeamAbility to change the Team settings, by themselves.
Modify cost groupsAbility to create, update or delete cost groups in the Team.
Modify charge pointsAbility to create, update or delete charge points in the Team.
Modify charge keysAbility to create, update or delete charge keys in the Team.
Operator Team settings template fields explained

Apply a Team settings template

If you have selected that the Team settings template is not default for any type of Team, you can apply it per Team from the Team settings section.

  1. Open the Team in Monta Hub and navigate to Settings
  2. Click on Other settings
  3. Select the Operator Team settings template from the drop-down menu
  4. Click on Save Team settings

Edit a Team settings template

Operator users can edit existing Team settings templates.

  1. Navigate to your Operator account and select the Team settings tab
  2. Click on the three action dots of the template and click on Edit
  3. Make the needed changes and click on Update
    • Changes will be immediately applied to the Teams which have this template
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