Creating Custom Subscriptions in the Monta Portal

Learn how to create a custom service subscription in the Monta Portal.
Written by Rūta Dražbaitė
Last updated: 5 April, 2023

When creating a custom subscription plan, you will be asked to add the Plan Information details. This includes the plan name, a summary of the services you are planning to provide, a description of the product, as well as the terms and conditions of the plan. Here is a guide explaining what custom subscriptions are and where to add one in the Monta Portal.

1. Add a plan name, summary and description

Enter the name of the plan. In the plan summary, briefly describe the services you are going to provide with this plan. In the Description section, give a detailed description of the plan that you will providing. This would be the services the end user will be getting when subscribed to it.

Add plan name, summary, description

2. Add terms, country, support emails and contract URL

In the Terms section, specify the conditions of the plan. This could include, for example, how an end user can cancel their subscription, etc. Optionally, you can also add a contract URL link. This would be the generic contract file between you and your client. You can also create a service contract outside of Monta.

Add terms of the plan, country, support email and URL

3. Select service type and price model

It is important to indicate that your company will be providing a Custom service. The For section has two options: Charge Point or Team. For Charge Point is applied to charge points individually. This allows you to apply different subscriptions to different charge points within the same team and is applied from within the charge point settings

Indicate service type, add price model

A For Team model is applied at a team level meaning all charge points within the team will be subject to the subscription. This can be applied in the team settings.

Select to have plan per team

Important! Only one plan can be applied to a charge point. Subscription fees will be deducted from the team wallet to which the charge point is connected to.

4. Approval and cancelation of the plan

State if the subscription requires your company's approval before being activated by the users. If it is set to "Yes" you will have to approve every new subscription manually. If it is "No" the subscription will become active automatically once applied to the team or charge point.

You also have to specify if the subscription can be cancelled from the Monta App or if the user needs to contact your company prior to cancellation. 

5. Plan prices

Select the currency and add the monthly price of the subscription that will include the VAT applicable to your country of residence.

Add currency and price

6. Custom fee

Custom fee is the amount of money that will be taken from all the paid charges made on the charge points with this subscription and deposited into your wallet as the service provider. It is essentially your revenue. You will have to specify the "Addition fee percentage" or "Addition fee absolute". You can only choose one, you cannot have both.

"Addition fee percentage" is a percentage from the entire price of the charge which you will receive as the service provider. This will be taken from every paid charge made on a charge point which has your subscription applied to it.

"Addition fee absolute" is the amount which will be taken from every kWh charged. For example, if Addition fee absolute is set to 0,25 DKK and the user is paying 3 DKK per kWh, this means that you as service provider will get 0,25 DKK from every kWh charged which cost 3 DKK for the end user. This will be applied on every kWh charged on the charge point with subscription.

Add Custom Fee

7. Select charge point models

The last step when setting up custom subscription is to select the charge point models you will be working with. You can choose to work with all charge point models or you can choose to work only with selected models.

Select charge point brands

Once you have selected your compatible charge point models, click "Save changes" in the bottom left corner of the plan.

8. Set the Subscription as Active

Once saved, your custom subscription plan must be reviewed and approved by a Monta Customer Onboarding Specialist. Until it is approved, you will see it as pending. Once it is approved, it will be shown as active and you can begin applying it to the charge points.

Here is a guide that explains how to apply subscription to the charge points.

Here is a guide that explains how to apply subscriptions to teams.

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