Creating a tax refund subscription plan in the Monta Portal

Learn how to create a tax refund subscription in the Monta Portal.
Written by Rūta Dražbaitė
Last updated: 6 June, 2023
Tax Refund Subscriptions are services provided by charge point operators in Denmark. It is a monthly paid plan supplied for the end users.

If you decide to set up tax refund subscription you will become a 3rd party service provider. This means that your company will be managing tax refund, reporting to SKAT, approving meter readings and tax refund payouts.

If this is something you are interested in, this article explains how to get you started and set up tax refund subscription plan.

1. Add Plan

On Monta Portal go to the section subscriptions, which can be found on the left side of menu bar. To create a new subscription click on "Add Plan".

click on subscriptions press add plan portal

The modal will open and you will need to enter as much information as possible about the tax refund subscription plan.

2. Populate Plan Information

When creating tax refund subscription plan you will be asked to add the Plan Information details. These are the plan name, visibility on the market place, summary of the services you are planning to provide, description of the product, also terms and conditions of the plan.

fill in name and details portal

Plan name

Enter the name of your plan.

Show in market place

Select if the plan should be visible in the market place, in Monta App and Web Portal. If you decide to make your tax refund subscription visible, all the Monta users will be able to subscribe to your services.


A short description in a few sentences what your plan is providing for your customers. We recommend using bullet points for readability. 


Give a detailed description of the plan of what the end user will be getting when subscribed to it.

include terms and other plan details monta portal


Here explain terms and conditions of the plan, as for example when it should be cancelled by the end user.


State the market, where you are offering the tax refund. Please note this is only available in the Danish market.

Support email

Include the email, where your customers can get support for the tax refund subscription.

Contract URL and type of service.

Add contract URL link. Insert a URL for the generic contract. This would be a contract template which the user can fill out right after subscribing to your plan. It is important to indicate that your company will be providing tax refund services .

select settings of plan portal

Price Model

This subscription will be for the charge point along with the price. This means that only one plan can be applied for the charge point which will be paid by the owner of the charge point.

Approval and Cancelation.

State if the subscription requires your company approval before getting activated for the users. You also have to specify if the subscription can be cancelled from Monta App or the user needs to contact your company.

3. Plan Prices

Choose the currency and add the monthly price of the subscription that will include a VAT of 25 %. This is what you as a service provider will earn and Monta will keep only 15%.

state plan price and market portal

4. Tax Refund

The next step when setting up tax refund subscription is adding the information about tax refunds.

edit tax refund monta portal

Here, you fill out the amount of payout per kilowatt for the users of the plan.  Select whether the tax refund amount includes VAT or not. Please note, that this will not change the calculation. Here is a deeper explanation of the VAT settings.

You can also choose if you want to have auto transfer activated, meaning that the user will receive tax refund as soon as they have completed a charge.

You also have to state whether the type of service is either on-sight or swap the box. If you choose on-sight you will be responsible to provide repair services of charge points to plan users. If you choose swap the box you will have to change charge point to new in case it is unrepairable.

5. Custom Fee

Custom fee is the amount that will be taken from all the paid charges made on the charge points with this subscription. This will be the profit which is entirely for you as a service provider. In the section custom you will have to state the addition fee percentage or addition fee absolute. You have to choose one of it, you cannot have both.

include customer fees plan portal

The addition fee percentage is a X% which will be your cut as the service provider from the entire price of the charge. This will be applied on every paid transaction made on a charge point with your subscription.

The addition fee absolute is the amount which will be taken from every kWh charged. Fro example addition fee absolute is 0,25 DKK and the user is paying 3 DKK per kWh, this means that you as service provider will get 0,25 DKK from every kWh charged which cost 3 DKK for the end user. This will be applied on every kWh charged on the charge point with subscription.

6. Select Charge Point Models

The last step when setting up the tax refund subscription you have to select the models of charge points you will be working with. You can choose to work will all the charge points models, or selected models from the list.

select charge point models and save portal

IMPORTANT! Not all the charge points are eligible for tax refunds. It is your responsibility as a tax refund provider to know which brands and models you can support.

Once you have selected the charge point models click on "SAVE".

7. Get Subscription Activated

Once saved your tax refund subscription plan must be reviewed and approved by Monta Customer Onboarding specialist. Until it is not approved you will see it as pending one. Once it is approved it will be showed as active and can be applied to the charge points.

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