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Creating a Tax Refund Subscription plan

Learn how to create a tax refund subscription plan in the Monta Portal.
Written by Rūta Dražbaitė
Last updated: 13 September, 2023
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Tax Refund Subscriptions are services provided by Charge Point Operators in Denmark. 

If you decide to set up tax refund subscription you will become a 3rd party service provider. As a service provider, your company becomes responsible for the charge point and it will be managing the charge point maintenance, troubleshooting, approving charge point meter readings, issuing tax refund and reporting to SKAT.

In this guide you will learn how to create a tax refund subscription plan via the Monta Portal. 

 How to create a tax refund subscription plan

Tax refund subscription plans can only be created by Operator users with Admin or Manager user rights.

  1. Navigate to the side menu and select "Subscriptions"
  2. Click on "Add new"
  3. Scroll down on the screen to "Service" and select "Tax refund"
    • This will change the form to the correct type of subscription plan
  4. Fill in the plan information
    • Look at the table below this step to see how you should fill out each field
  5. Click on "Save"
  6. The plan has been sent for approval and is now "Pending"
Field ExplanationComment
Plan nameDescriptive name for your service.
Show in marketplaceSelect "Yes" or "No".

If you select "Yes", end users will be able to see your plan and apply for it via the Monta app.

If you select "No", you need to apply the subscription on the charge point via the Monta Portal.
If you select "Yes" - Please note that there are Marketplace regulations. If you are not sure about them, please ask your Account Manager.

If you select "No" - Please note that you can only apply subscriptions on charge points under your Operator account.
SummaryShort, bullet-point summary of the services you are offering.
Description Detailed explanation about the offered services.
TermsFull terms of service of the plan.We recommend to fill out the terms of service, as they are in the contract with the your client.
Country Make sure "Denmark" is chosen. This plan can only be applied by service providers in Denmark.
Support email Email, where you clients can reach you.This is a support email owned by you, as a service provider. It is not related to Monta Support.
Contract URLYou can include a link to a contract with the client, so they sign right away
ServiceMake sure "Tax refund" is selected.
For Select "Charge point"You must select "Charge point" in this field. Tax refund subscriptions cannot be applied for whole Teams.

Each charge point must have an individual tax refund subscription, so it can measure the kWh consumption per charge point meter.
Price model Select "Per charge point"
Does the subscription require approval before being activated? Select "Yes".You must select "Yes" in this field.

As tax refund subscriptions require a series of specific actions before the subscription can be approved, you need to manually approve each new subscription.
Can the subscription be canceled from the app?Select "Yes" or "No"If you select "Yes", your customer can cancel the subscription by themselves.

If you select "No", your customer needs to reach out to you to cancel the subscription.

We recommend to review your cancelation policy in the contract you sign with your customers and make an educated decision, based on that.
Currency Currency is DKK.
Monthly Price incl. VAT Type out the price of the plan, inclusive of VAT.Monta gets 15% commission of the monthly plan price at the time of purchase.

Different rates may apply, according to your contract with Monta.
Payout per kWhAmount of DKK you are going to refund the user for each kWh charged.As a tax refund provider it is your responsibility to follow the SKAT regulations and make a decision on how much you want to refund your customers.
Price includes VAT?If you select "Yes", VAT will be shown in the calculation, the receipt and it will reflect in your invoice.

If you select "No", this will not change the tax refund calculation, but VAT will not be shown in the receipt or in your invoice.
As a tax refund provider it is your responsibility to follow the Danish government's regulation of paying tax refund inclusive of exclusive of VAT.

Please note that selecting "Yes" or "No" does not change the calculation in the Monta system. Tax refund is always calculated as:

kWh charged X Payout per kWh = Tax refund payed out
Auto transfer, should we just transfer after each charge?If you select "Yes",tax refund will be issued as soon as the charge is done and Monta has registered the charged kWh.

If you select "No", tax refund can be issued either manually by you, or with a scheduled Quarterly task (see below).
We recommend to base this decision on the contract with your customer.

If you state that you provide instant tax refund, then you should select "Yes".

If for any reason, the customer needs to receive the tax refund quarterly, then you should select "No".
Requires charge point to be connectedIf you select "Yes", the subscription can be applied only on charge points that have been connected to Monta.

If you select "No", the subscription can also be applied on "Passive" charge points.
If you select "Yes", and your plan is on the Marketplace, users cannot see your plan until they have connected their charge point to Monta.

This can make it easier for you, as the charge point is most probably already operational and you just need to approve the subscription.

We recommend to put "No", if you are only going to be applying the subscription to charge points under your Operator.

This way you can apply the subscription before you even connect it to Monta.
Should we schedule a task to transferIf you select "Quarterly", tax refund will be transferred once per Quarter.

If you select "Off", there will be no task scheduled to transfer tax refund.
This depends on your setting for "Auto transfer" of tax refund.

If you selected to instantly transfer tax refund, then here you should select "Off", because a task is not needed.

If you selected to not issue tax refund immediately, then here you have to select "Quarterly".
Type of serviceIf you select "Box swap" you have to replace a charge point that is broken or malfunctioning in some way.

If you select "On-site" you have to send an installer to repair a charge point when this is required.
As a service provider, you take responsibility for the charge points under your subscription plan.

Therefore, you must provide hardware maintenance to the charge points you support.
Addition fee percentageX% of the price of every charge on a charge point with this subscription will be transferred to your Operator Wallet.

This is your Operator cut, as a service provider to this charge point.
The fee does not include VAT. It is added on top of the fee.

If you input 2% fee, as there is 25% VAT, the Team will be charged 2,5% of the charge price.

Price for charge is 100 DKK
Additional fee % is 2%
You will receive 2,5 DKK
Addition fee absoluteAbsolute amount of every charge on a charge point with this subscription will be transferred to your Operator Wallet.

It is calculated per kWh.

This is your Operator cut, as a service provider to this charge point.
The fee does not include VAT. It is added on top of the fee.

If you input 1 DKK fee, as there is 25% VAT, the Team will be charged 1,25 DKK per kWh.

Charge is for 5 kWh
Absolute fee is 1 DKK/kWh
You will receive 6,15 DKK
ModelsHere you specify which brands and models of charge points you support. We recommend to select which charge point brands and models you support very carefully.

Take into consideration:
- SKAT requirements for charge points to receive tax refund
- Which hardware you have the network and the knowledge to maintain
- Charge point brand and models features, such as meter type.
Tax refund subscription plan fields explained

How is a tax refund plan activated

Once saved, your Tax Refund Subscription plan is sent for review by a Monta Customer Success Manager.

Until the plan is approved, you will see it as "Pending".

Once it is approved, it will be shown as "Active" and you can begin applying it to the charge points.

Applying the tax refund plan to charge points

Applying and approving Tax Refund Subscriptions can only be performed by Operator level users with Admin or Manager level rights.

Currently, you can only apply the subscription one charge point at a time.

Apply the subscription on a charge point

  1. Open the charge point in Monta Portal
  2. Go to the "Subscription" tab and click on "Select subscription"
  3. Choose the correct subscription and click "Continue"
  4. Confirm the application by selecting "Apply"
    • The subscription is now "Pending" and you need to approve it.

An EV driver applies for your tax refund subscription

If your tax refund subscription is visible on the Marketplace in the Monta app, EV drivers can also apply for your subscription by themselves.

Here is a guide that shows how a Monta user can apply for your tax refund subscription.

After they have applied, you will see their subscription in the "Pending" section of the plan you need to approve it.

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