Charge point functionalities in the Monta Portal

Set up Public price, enable Roaming and control many more functionalities from Monta Portal.
Last updated: 8 November, 2022
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Monta offers a lot of different features for your charge points, which you can manage from the Monta Portal. In this guide, you will learn what the functionalities mean and how you to use them.

1. Access the charge point

First, you need to open the charge point in Monta Portal. You can search in the Charge Points tab on the right side, or in the Team, where the charge point is located.

To open the charge point menu, just click on the name.

click on charge point portal

From there, you can use the side menu on the right side and click on "Charge point functionalities", which will scroll down to the correct place on the page.

click on charge point functionalities

2. Accessibility settings

This section of the charge point management panel allows you to easily change the Accessibility settings from Private, to Public and Scheduled mode.

To see the different modes, click on the "Edit" button.

Click edit on accessibility settings portal

In the settings, you will see the three modes.

see different accessibility modes


When the charge point is Private, it can only be used by the members of the Team, where the charge point is located.


When the charge point is Public, it can be used by all EV drivers, and they will pay the price/ kWh that you set on the charge point. To set the charge point to Public, you need to create a price group for it first.


You can also create a Schedule, where the charge point can switch between Public and Private visibility. A schedule can also be used to set different hourly price for the charge point.

3. Roaming

You can add your charge point to several roaming networks across EU by enabling roaming. Please note, that this feature can only be used by Enterprise and Business plan Teams.

click enable roaming portal

When you click the button, a screen will pop up explaining how the roaming availability of your charge point is going to work. After reading, just click on "Activate".

click activate button roaming portal

4. Reservation

You can also enable reservation for your end users so that they have an amount of minutes for which they can pay to reserve a charge point.

To do so, click on the button "Enable".

click enable reservation portal

Then you need to input for how long you want the drivers to be able to reserve your charge point. Once you have done this, click on "Enable" again.

put in minutes and click enable portal

5. Cost

With this function, you are able to approximately track the electricity cost of your charge point. When you enable this function, you will see the cost in the charging report of the charge point or site.

Before you can enable this function, you need to create a cost price group.

Click on the "Enable" in the Cost section.

click enable cost monta portal

Select the cost price group from the drop down menu and click on "Save".

select cost price group save monta portal

6. Lock cable

If you have a cable plugged in the charge point for you or other drivers to use, you can lock it in the charge point, by enabling this toggle.

Please mind that not all charge points models and brands are capable of locking the cable in the charge point.

oggle lock cable charge point portal

7. In-app chat

Decide if the end users should be able to chat with you from the app. We recommend having this feature enabled at all times, so if there is any issue with the charge point, the end user is able to contact you directly.

toggle in app chat charge point portal

8. Show on map

You can also decide if the charge point should be visible on the Monta map.

toggle show on map portal

This functionality can be used both for Public and Private charge points.

Public charge point

If the charge point is Public, the charge point will be visible in the Monta app map by default.

If you toggle this function off, then the charge point will be hidden from the Monta map, but the public price group will still apply.

Private charge point

If the charge point is Private, it is not visible on the Monta map by default.

If you toggle this function on, the charge point will be visible on the map only for the Team members of the Team, where the charge point is located. In this case, the Team member price will be applied.

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