Edit charge points' visibility in bulk via Monta Portal

Learn how to edit the visibility of multiple charge points at once, using Monta Portal.
Last updated: 17 October, 2022
Table of contents

1. Access the Team

First click on "Teams". Here you will find the list of all the Teams. Click on the Team, where the charge point is located.

click on Team open the team portal

2. Find the bulk action option

Click on "Charge Points". Here you will see the list of all the charge point connected to that Team.

In order to access accessibility setting to all the charge points click on "Actions" and select "Bulk Accessibility".

click on charge points actions bulk accessibility portal

3. Change accessibility

Here you will have to select which bulk accessibility settings you would like all the chargers set to. In order to do so click on "Enable".

select bulk accessibility action portal


When the charge point is Private, it can only be used by the members of the Team, where the charge point is located.


When the charge point is Public, it can be used by all EV drivers, and they will pay the price/ kWh that you set on the charge point. To set the charge point to Public, you need to create a price group for it first.

adjust and apply bulk accessibility setting portal

You can also add other information in this field. It is very important to select, which charge points to apply this setting to, by ticking off the charge point. Don't forget to click "Set public".


Setting bulk accessibility to Scheduled works similarly to Public. You need to create a Schedule, where the charge point can switch between Public and Private visibility. 

Then, you apply the schedule on the charge point by ticking off the box in front of it. 

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