Add another car to the Monta app

Add another car to your Monta account, and switch between them in the Monta app.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 11 April, 2023

1. Navigate to "Me" and click on "View more"

Click on Me and View More

2. Click on "+ Add car"

Here you will find all the EVs connected to your Monta account. In order to add one more car select to your profile select "+ Add car". 

Click on Add Car

3. Select the brand and model of your vehicle

Audi car is used as an example.

Select brand and car model

4. Choose connectors and battery settings

Choose Connectors and battery charge limit

5. Name your car

After you put in the name of the car click on "Save your car". Now you have the option to connect your car to your Monta account, by clicking on "Log in to Audi"

Name your car and Log in to Audi Cloud

6. Car integration

Thanks to Monta's partnership with Enode, it is now possible to integrate your car to the Monta system. An integration gives our system a lot of useful information about the state of your vehicle, which is going make charging even more smoother process.

Once the car added you can connect your car my logging in to the cloud of your EV brand. If you are interested in integrating your car with Monta, follow this guide.

Please note that not every car brand and model is supported for integration. You can find more information about this in the above mentioned guide.

You can also choose not to integrate your car straight away by clicking on "Maybe later". If you choose to integrate later, you can follow the guide mentioned above to finish the connection.

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