Accessing an individual tax refund subscription in the Monta Portal

This article explains where to access and manage the individual tax refund subscription plan in relation to pricing and agreement.
Written by Rūta Dražbaitė
Last updated: 11 April, 2023

1. Access the active subscription plan

Find all the active subscriptions

In order to access and administrate the individual active tax refund subscription, go to the plan summary and click on active subscriptions.

Click on active subscriptions

Select the subscription needed

Here you will see all the active subscriptions. In order to open the specific subscription go ahead and click on "View".

Click on view subscription

Access subscription management panel

Subscription Management Panel

2. What kind of information about the subscription plan can be found?

General Information

In the subscription management you will be able to see general information about the tax refund subscription. Such as the ID of the subscription, the state, the number of purchases and the total amount. You can also see when the subscription has been created. You can see information about tax refund such as the kWh price and does the charge point has automated integration, which indicates whether charge point can have tax refund after every transactions.

General information

You can also see general information about the charge point to which subscription the plan is applied. You can find information about the end user, such as team where charge point is connected to. Who is the team owner of the charge point and by who subscription has been purchased.

General information User name, charge point

Plan Information

You can see information related to the plan such as the price agreed, the date when subscription was created and became active.

Plan information, price


You can see the original price agreed, whether user gets a discount and what is your cut as an operator for that specific subscription.

Plan information, price

Agreement and Internal Note

You can find the contract that you and the end user have signed when subscribed, you can also upload a file. Here you can see the internal note made by you about that specific subscription, you can also add new notes. If you do so remember to click on "Save".

Agreement note and PDF

Here is a guide that explains how to manage tax refunds for the individual subscription on the Monta Portal.

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