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Mass import Teams

Learn how to create multiple Teams at once in Monta Hub.
Written by Yana Yankova
Last updated: 29 February, 2024
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Prerequisites and Notes

Before you can begin this process, you need to prepare all the information related to this Team, including the charge points you want to add, the address of Team, etc.

By using the Mass import function you can create Teams with all the information filled in, the charge points added to the Team and a Team owner. You will still need to invite other Members to the Team.

This action is available to Operator users with Manager and Administrator user rights.

Mass import Teams

  1. Navigate to the Teams tab on the left side menu
  2. Click on Add Team and select Mass import
  3. Download the mass import template
  4. Fill in the information, using the reference table below
  5. Click on Choose file and upload the filled template
  6. Click on Import
    • You will receive a confirmation email, once the import is complete

If there is missing or invalid information filled in the template, you will receive an email specifying which field needs to be corrected. In that case, you need to correct the field and try to import the file again.

Find Import lists

When you perform a mass import, you can find a summary in Monta Hub. There, you can see if there is any missing information the csv file you have uploaded.

  1. Navigate to the Teams tab on the left side menu
  2. Click on the action dots and select Imports lists
  3. Select an import you want to see and click on View
  4. If there are errors, you can see on which row you need to correct the information

Template reference table

It is very important that you fill in the template correctly. Please keep in mind that you must fill in every column with the information required otherwise mass import of teams will not be successful.

Field nameDescriptionComments
Charge point identifierSerial number of the charge pointEach charge point socket needs to be registered on a separate row.
Charge point brandBrand of the charge point
Charge point modelModel of the charge point identifier, as registered in MontaYou need to insert the exact charge point model identifier, as it is registered in the Monta system.

Go to the supported charge points page, find the exact charge point model and look at the datasheet table.

Copy the exact Identifier from the page and paste in the template.
Charge point nameGive a name to the charge point
Charge point connectorSpecify which socket of the charge point this is
Charge point Max PowerSpecify the max current of the charge point
Site external idThis would be a name or number that you use to identify the Site. It can be the same as the Site name.
Site nameGive a name to the charge point site
Site street, Zipcode, City, CountrySpecify the address, where the charge point site is located
Site Installer emailSpecify the email of the installer who is going to install the charge points
Team nameGive a name to the Team
Team external idThis would be a name or number that you use to identify the Team. This is something you can come up with yourself.
Team typeSpecify if the Team is an operator Team, professional Team or a private Team.Please mind that the type of Team is case sensitive and you need to spell the type with a small first letter.
Team contact emailThis is the email, which will receive informative emails from Monta.
Team finance emailThis is the email, which will receive all receipts and invoices from Monta.
Team company nameFill in the company name, if this is a Professional Team for a company. You also need to include a company if you are creating Private Teams. This will not be visible in Monta Hub.
Team VAT numberSpecify the VAT number
Team street, zipcode, citySpecify the address of the Team.
Team countrySpecify the country of the Team. You must use country abbreviation. Here are some examples:

DK for Denmark
CH for Switzerland
GB for United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
DE for Germany
FR for France
Team Owner emailThis is the person, who us going to be a Team owner.Please note that this person already needs to have a Monta account.
Mass import template fields explained
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